5 reasons to choose Dynamics 365 Business Premium for your SMB

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5 reasons to choose Dynamics 365 Business Premium for your SMB

Microsoft 365 Business Premium brings together advanced security features and collaboration tools to help you focus on productive activities while protecting against cyberattacks.


Discover five of the ways Microsoft 365 Business Premium can make working securely from anywhere cost-effective and easy to use : 

Communicate and collaborate effortlessly

Be more productive and spend less time switching between applications or searching for files.

With Microsoft Teams, your employees can collaborate in real time through online chats and meetings, shared files and co-authored documents, all in one convenient location.


Protect your work data from unauthorized access

Your remote employees need access to data and files, but their email and password could get hacked.

Advanced multifactor authentication uses a second form of authentication and has been shown to thwart 99% of identity attacks. Protecting you against lost or stolen passwords and conditional access policies help ensure only authorized people have access to company data.


Protect yourself against pishing attacks and ransomware

The last year has seen a 300% increase in ransomware attacks with more than half directed at small businesses.

This can cost you time, money, and pull you away from what matters most running your business.

The new Microsoft Defender For Business capabilities included in Microsoft 365 Business Premium brings multi-layered protection against sophisticated ransomware attacks powered by enterprise grade technology like endpoint detection and response.

It helps you protect not only PCs, but also phones and tablets on a range of devices, from Windows to iOS, Android and Mac.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium also protects you against phishing attacks. Real-time, AI-powered malware scanning helps protect attachments and links in shared docs across email, Teams, and OneDrive, while anti-spoofing technologies help defend against impersonation.


Safeguard your sensitive data

You probably deal with sensitive information like customer data or credit card numbers.

The information protection capabilities of Microsoft 365 Business Premium helps safeguard confidential data against breaches or accidental loss by encrypting email and protecting against unauthorized access.


Secure your work data on personal devices

As employees use personal phones or tablets to access work data, Microsoft 365 Business Premium can prevent confidential work files from being saved into unsecured personal locations.

Mobile app protection policies helps to keep work and personal apps separate, and also allows work data to be wiped remotely if an employee moves on.


Those are just five of the ways Microsoft 365 Business Premium can help enable secure work from anywhere while being cost-effective and easy to use.