Business Central and Microsoft Teams Integration

Business Central and Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams is a Microsoft 365 application that allows teams to collaborate and work in a streamlined way. It offers enterprise messaging, calling, video conferencing, file sharing and more.

Business Central provides an application that connects Microsoft Teams to your company data in Business Central. This will allow you to quickly share details between team members, search for contacts and respond to requests faster.

The app is available on the Teams marketplace, and you can use it with the Teams desktop, mobile app, or web.

Let's discover the features of this Business Central for Team application

  • Search for information on customers, suppliers or others:

No matter where you are in Teams, you can view details about your Business Central contacts. This feature gives you access to general contact information, but also to the history of interactions, associated documents, etc. It is also possible to share a contact in a conversion, which will give participants access to the details.

  • Share records in conversations:

You can now copy and paste a link from any Business Central recording into a Teams conversation to share with your colleagues. The app will then expand the link into a compact, interactive card that displays information about the record.

  • Share links for pages:

When you are on the collect and details pages in Business Central, you can use the Share to Teams action from the icon. You can then enter a message, choose recipients, such as team members, groups or channels, and send the message with a link to the Business Central page.

How does the application work?

First, it is necessary to have a Business Central online user account for the Business Central for Teams application.

If you are an administrator, you can manage the configuration of other users.

Then you need to install the Business Central application in Teams.

Once the download is complete, you are ready to use the application.