Discover Power Apps and its latest news

Discover Power Apps and its latest news

Power Apps is for all types of businesses. Whether your business is small, medium or large, you can create applications customized for your situation. And this, regardless of the sector in which your company operates.

It contains a suite of applications, services, connectors, and a data platform that provide a rapid development environment to build custom applications tailored to your business needs.

Applications built with Power Apps provide enriched business logic and workflow capabilities to transform your manual business operations into digital and automated processes. These applications have a responsive design, they can run seamlessly in a browser or on mobile devices (phone or tablet). Power Apps "democratizes" the creation of custom business applications by allowing users to create feature-rich custom business applications without writing code.

Power Apps also provides an extensible platform that allows professional developers to programmatically interact with data and metadata, apply business logic, create custom connectors and integrate with external data.

Who is Power Apps for?

  • App makers/creators
  • Create three types of applications: canvas, template-based and portal

  • App users 
  • Run applications that you have created, or that someone else has created and shared with you, in a browser or on mobile devices

  • Admins
  • Use the Power Platform Administration Center to create and manage environments, view Dataverse analytics, and get real-time self-help recommendations and support for Power Apps and Power Automate

  • Developers 
  • Use code to create data and metadata, apply server-side logic using Azure functions, plug-ins and workflow extensions, apply client-side logic using JavaScript, integrate external data, etc. 

    Power Apps and Dynamics 365

    Dynamics 365 apps also use the underlying Dataverse platform used by Power Apps to store and secure data.  You can build apps using Power Apps and Dataverse directly against your core business data already used within Dynamics 365, without the need for integration.


    The latest news 

    • Users can enjoy consistent, modern experiences while collaborating with their team members in Power Apps.
    • Enable experts across the organization with advanced low code.
    • Rapid delivery of flagship applications

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    It is part of Microsoft's Business Apps offering.