Integration of Copilot into Microsoft Viva

Luxembourg, Microsoft -

Integration of Copilot into Microsoft Viva

Following on from Microsoft 365 Copilot, Microsoft recently announced the addition of the 'CoPilot' tool to its Microsoft Viva platform, as well as the introduction of Viva Glint, to boost employee engagement and productivity.


These new solutions have been developed in response to the results of a 2023 Glint study, which found that the most successful companies are those that prioritise both employee productivity and engagement. In fact, they achieve twice the financial results of companies with less committed employees.


With Copilot, Microsoft Viva leverages artificial intelligence to accelerate performance. Copilot in Viva is based on Microsoft 365's Copilot system, which combines the power of big language models with data in the Microsoft Graph and Viva applications to give leaders a whole new way to understand and engage their people.


Hybrid working has brought more flexibility, but it has also made it harder to get clarity and alignment of priorities. In the recent 2023 Forrester State of Goal-Setting report, 50% of employees said that having clearer goals gives them a greater sense of purpose and motivates them to work harder. However, this remains a challenge, as only 39% of employees understand their company's goals.


To address this challenge, Microsoft is integrating more AI into its hybrid work solutions and introducing new features in the Microsoft Viva suite, powered by Copilot :

  • Copilot in Viva Goals simplifies goal setting by guiding leaders through the process of creating and tracking key business goals and outcomes.


  • Copilot in Viva Engage helps leaders write inspiring publications to motivate employees and analyse their engagement and feedback.


  • Copilot in Viva Learning offers different learning formats and topic sheets tailored to different jobs or employee development paths.


  • Copilot in Viva Topics allows employees to use a conversational interface to learn about important topics and their connections.


  • Copilot in Answers helps employees formulate specific questions and guides experts to develop complete and relevant answers.


  • Viva Glint is a tool for measuring and helping to improve employee engagement. It will also benefit from Copilot to summarise and analyse thousands of employee feedbacks and offer managers a new way to explore feedback by asking questions in natural language.



Like Microsoft 365 Copilot, Copilot in Viva is based on Microsoft's comprehensive approach to responsible AI. Copilot automatically integrates the security, compliance and privacy policies that companies have in place as part of their Microsoft 365 usage.


The rollout of Copilot in Microsoft Viva will begin later this year, while the rollout of Viva Glint will begin in July 2023.