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Microsoft Dynamics Industry

Here is some great News for the Microsoft Dynamics Industry!


Mike Morton, the general manager of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central recently presented a KPI at Directions NA, presenting the growth of the business throughout the last couple years.

In fact, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central saw a huge evolution between 2019 and today.


The partners selling Business central grew from 1,400 to 3,800, the hashtags used to find solutions on AppSource grew from 450 to 2,200, and the customer growth a year exploded from more than 60% in one year! 


But what could cause such an evolution you may ask?

Well, during the past few years, Microsoft Dynamics 365 shifted towards a cloud-based strategy, enabling any type of organization to access an always up-to-date, state of the art, ERP solution without the need for own infrastructure or IT department.

Business Central, the successor of Dynamics NAV, became a leading solution in the cloud ERP market  ,At the time, having a cloud based business software wasn’t that common, that’s why Microsoft Dynamics got a lot more users.


Another thing that can explain the growth of the service is that Microsoft Dynamics 365 opened itself to other organizations, not only the large ones. They opened their doors also to small and mid-size businesses, that gave to all every customer a climate of trust.

Business Central is also well integrated with other cloud solutions of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem like , machine learning, artificial intelligence or Microsoft Teams. This integration was made to strengthen Dynamics 365, and to add continuous innovation to it.


There is no doubt, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is growing more and more every day, and these new services are mainly the cause of it. Innovation and trust are some of the best words to describe Microsoft Dynamics, and we are certainly not at the end of its evolution.