Microsoft Teams launches new premium version powered by AI

Luxembourg, Microsoft -

Microsoft Teams launches new premium version powered by AI

Microsoft has announced the launch of its Microsoft Teams Premium offering. Built on the familiar, all-in-one collaborative experience of Microsoft Teams, Teams Premium brings the latest technologies, including Large Language Models powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3.5, to make meetings more intelligent, personalized, and protected, whether it’s one-on-one, large meetings, virtual appointments, or webinars.

Microsoft said it has added more than 400 new features and enhancements to Teams over the past year, and many more are in the pipeline for 2023.



One of the most notable features of Teams Premium is intelligent recap, which uses OpenAI technology to automatically generate meeting notes, recommend tasks, and provide custom highlights to help attendees get information even if they missed the meeting.

This feature saves time when reviewing meeting recordings. AI-generated chapters divide the meeting into sections so that it is easy to select the most relevant content.

In the coming months, key points and post-meeting takeaways will be available through AI-generated notes automatically created by GPT-3.5. Follow-up is easy with AI-generated tasks and actions that are automatically suggested.



Live translations now available in Teams Premium.                                           
AI generates real-time translations from 40 spoken languages, making meetings more productive and effortless for everyone. Only the meeting organizer needs to have Teams Premium in order for all participants to enjoy the benefits.



There are also personalised time markers (that only you can see) that indicate when you have joined or left a meeting in the meeting recording, so you can quickly click and listen to what you have missed.

Soon, these personalised highlights will be extended to include speaker timeline markers that will indicate who spoke during the meeting, when, and allow you to skip to that moment.


The aim of Microsoft Teams Premium is to significantly reduce costs and improve user productivity


In terms of subscription, Microsoft Teams Premium is available for $7 per month per user, but is expected to increase to $10 per month from 30 June.