The importance of One Drive for your business

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The importance of One Drive for your business

OneDrive is Microsoft's cloud service, it allows you to store and protect your files, share them with others and access them from anywhere on all your devices.

This business service provides each team member of an organization with their own storage space, which can range from 1TB to unlimited storage depending on the type of Microsoft 365 license.

Sharing and collaboration

By storing a file on OneDrive, you can edit it with several people and follow the changes made in real time by everyone. 

It is possible to securely share files with people inside or outside your company using their email address, even if they do not have a Microsoft account. Sharing can also be done by copying the link of the file and sharing with anyone you want. 

OneDrive integrates with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, allowing you to move or copy documents to multiple locations from the interface.

When you upload a file to Teams, it actually uploads to OneDrive Enterprise and is automatically shared with other users participating in your chat.

Access everywhere

One drive is indeed accessible from all your devices (pc, mobile, tablet) in order to consult your documents in due time. Offline changes are automatically synchronized with each new connection.

Certified safety

OneDrive files are protected and secured by comprehensive security features, which include file encryption, Personal Vault, virus scanning, suspicious activity monitoring and many other measures.

It is easily possible to recover files lost due to accidental deletions or malicious attacks. In case of a malicious attack, OneDrive automatically sends a notification to alert users.

Microsoft does not scan the content of your files or photos for targeted ads, which ensures maximum privacy. 

Smart Backup

OneDrive's automatic backup system provides additional security for your use. If your computer's files are lost, you have the option to retrieve your data from OneDrive. Instead of manually saving your files, OneDrive automatically backs up your data using the "save as" option in the application.

The download file size limit is 100GB, which is especially useful for business users who work primarily with large file types.

One Drive's offering for businesses is broad and is found in different of our Microsoft 365 offerings.