The last migration - Upgrade to Business Central from Dynamics NAV

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The last migration - Upgrade to Business Central from Dynamics NAV

Luxembourg businesses are hitting the ground running as the economy gradually reopens amid the COVID-19 pandemic. However, many small enterprises are finding out the hard way that their on-premises enterprise resource management (ERM) systems are now inadequate for an increasingly mobile workforce. With many companies trying to cut costs and improve workplace efficiency with remote work arrangements, locally hosted systems have become prime cost-cutting candidates.

At SKC, we are already seeing this trend, particularly with our current Microsoft Dynamics NAV clients. That is why we have decided to make the shift from Dynamics NAV to its cloud-powered counterpart, Business Central, simpler than ever before.

Is Dynamics 365 Business Central available in Luxembourg?

In a nutshell, Business Central provides you with all the NAV features you love, except it’s hosted on the cloud. And yes, it is available in Luxembourg as of July 2021, perfect moment after the pandemic.

Do you have Luxembourg regulatory requirements readily available?

Yes, with SKC you can benefit from our app "Fisqal" which extends Business Central with the regulatory requirements of Luxembourg. Contact us for more information.