Document Capture

Streamline and automate every step of daily document handling - from receiving and registering a document, to approval, posting and ultimately retrieving previously processed documents from the digital archive.

Automated data capture

Continia Document Capture is the best and most comprehensive end-to-end add-on solution for Microsoft Dynamics that scans, extracts OCR-data, registers, posts, and archives all types of documents with full-text search capability.

PDF files are automatically downloaded from predefined e-mail addresses and processed using award-winning OCR technology - with no user involvement at all. Paper documents are scanned using a desktop or network scanner and follow the same flow as PDF files.

All relevant information on documents is automatically transferred to the corresponding fields in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, making it fast and efficient to register incoming documents.

Invoices in XML-format already contain all the necessary information and do not require OCR processing – you can simply import these using Continia XML-Import.

Document Capture in Business Central