Fisqal® - eCDF and FAIA for Luxembourg

Fisqal® is our localization solution for organizations using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in Luxembourg who would like to manage eCDF and FAIA electronically. Fisqal® is more than just an app. Discover how you can leverage the features of our app in your deployment.

Currently, Fisqal® is only available for on-premise environments for selected beta testers. Please contact us for an assessment of your situation

eCDF Model Types

Fisqal® comes with pre-defined eCDF model types for Luxembourg. Currently, all model types commonly used in commercial companies are available. Fisqal® also allows you to create your own model types, whether it be eCDF or others. The framework is modular and relies on setups. By default, we deliver standard setup packages for VAT in Luxembourg. We can also help you customize your existing VAT setup to match eCDF requirements.

eCDF model types in Fisqal

PDF Layouts

Fisqal® comes with pre-defined eCDF PDFs. The documents can be generated alongside your electronic declaration so you can control and keep trace of your data in a readable format.


In Luxembourg, every organization subject to VAT is obliged, under penalty of sanctions, to deliver an electronic audit file called FAIA. The file is based on the international SAF-T file but contains specifics of the Luxembourgish government.

Fisqal® allows you to export this electronic audit file natively so that you can comply with the administration's request promptly following the law of 19th December 2008 (mémorial A-206 du 24 décembre 2008).