Integrating Field Service and Business Central  


For organizations that provide professional services, managing service tasks, consumption and financial, transactions can be a complex process. Fortunately, integrating Dynamics 365 Field Service with Business Central offers a powerful solution. This seamless integration streamlines workflows, improves efficiency, and empowers various teams – from service technicians to finance professionals.

Significant benefits

  • Unified service management: Field Service provides a centralized platform for managing work orders, tracking service tasks, and capturing consumption details. Technicians can access and update information in real-time, ensuring everyone stays on the same page.
  • Effortless invoicing and fulfillment: Once a work order is completed in Field Service, the details seamlessly transfer to Business Central for accurate invoicing and efficient order fulfillment. This eliminates manual data entry and ensures timely billing.
  • Reduced errors and enhanced efficiency: By eliminating manual data entry and duplication, the integration minimizes errors and saves valuable time. Streamlined workflows allow teams to focus on core tasks and improve overall productivity.
  • Improved visibility: Gain a comprehensive view of service operations and financials through a unified system. This enhanced visibility empowers better decision-making for resource allocation, pricing strategies, and overall business performance.

Several features for control and customization

  • Consumption posting: Define project journal templates and batches to track how products and services are consumed during service calls, ensuring accurate cost allocation in Business Central.
  • Hours unit conversion: Specify the unit of measure for converting service durations from Field Service (typically hours) to quantities in Business Central for inventory management purposes.
  • Work order data synchronization: Choose when work order product and service information synchronizes to Business Central – either upon usage or work order completion. This level of control ensures data accuracy and reflects your specific business needs.
  • Automatic project journal posting: Automate the posting of project journals in Business Central based on your preferences. Choose automatic posting upon completion, service/product usage, or opt for manual posting for maximum control.

Additional capabilities to enhance service management

  • Work order creation with Business Central data: Leverage service and billing account information directly from Business Central when creating work orders in Field Service, saving time and ensuring data consistency.
  • Project and task linking: Link Business Central projects and tasks to external projects within Field Service for seamless project tracking and resource allocation.
  • Resource management: Map resources in Business Central to bookable resources in Field Service, enabling efficient scheduling and dispatch of technicians for service calls.
  • Inventory and service item management: Seamlessly integrate inventory and non-inventory items from Business Central as work order products. This provides real-time access to quantity on hand, cost, and pricing data within Field Service.
  • Service item integration: Include service items from Business Central as work order services, ensuring accurate cost and pricing information for billing purposes.
  • Consumption tracking and invoice creation: Track consumption details on work orders through project journals in Business Central. Utilize the Job Planning Lines page to monitor consumption posting and invoicing. Leverage quantity and duration to bill data for creating accurate sales invoices in Business Central.


By integrating Field Service and Business Central, professional service organizations can achieve significant improvements in operational efficiency, data accuracy, and financial management. This powerful combination empowers teams to deliver exceptional customer service while gaining valuable insights for informed decision-making and continued business growth.

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