Together Towards Tomorrow

By fostering collaborations between stakeholders, we unlock mutual benefits that extend beyond individual interests. Through these alliances, we pave the way for innovation, streamlined processes, and enhanced products and services. The spirit of cooperation enables us to collectively thrive, empowering each stakeholder to achieve their goals and contribute to a thriving ecosystem. Together, we forge a path towards success, driving progress and prosperity for everyone involved.



Companial (QBS) is the largest and fastest growing, international network of Microsoft Dynamics partners. QBS supports their partners – Resellers and ISV’s – with services aimed at growing revenue, lowering costs and improving profitability. Companial is an official Value Add SMB Distributor for Microsoft Dynamics.


For more than 25 years, Continia has been adding value to users of Microsoft Dynamics by developing and offering solutions to effectively handle different types of administrative processes. This is their guarantee that when choosing a Continia solution, it is a sound and solid investment. We look forward to accelerating your Dynamics 365 implementation with Continia solutions.



The State Bank and Savings Bank, also known by its Luxemburgish name Spuerkeess , is the leading national financial institution founded in 1856 and governed by the law of 24 March 1989. Spuerkeess is a commercial bank wholly owned by the government of Luxembourg. In terms of total assets Spuerkeess is the largest bank with domestic capital.


As an ERP consulting company and a long-standing Microsoft Gold Partner, we also develop our own solutions fully integrated in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV. Our Apps and Add-ons assist you in terms of shipping/logistics, export/compliance, travel expenses and automated receipt mailing and adapt perfectly to your processes.


With more than 30 years of experience on the Luxembourg market in the IT world, the founders of iTEC S.A. have remained attentive to customer needs. Indeed, their approach is simply limited to user satisfaction in their office environment.


Residing in The Netherlands and the United States, idyn and idyn NA provide millions of people worldwide with solutions that make their everyday work easier. We add pleasure, so to speak. We add connectivity and productivity. We add value. We do so by developing horizontal solutions and add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics NAV/BC. That’s what we focus on.


ELVA is a leading IT solution and consultation company that, for more than 18 years, has helped both large and small companies improve their efficiency and achieve better business indicators using the capabilities of modern technologies. ELVA recognized as the winner of 2020 and 2021 Microsoft Partner of the Year. The company was honored among a global field for demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation.


We combine up-to-date financial accounting knowledge with detailed expertise regarding the value flow in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This results in solutions that are a worthwhile supplement to your ERP environment and ideally meet your financial accounting and controlling requirements. We guarantee versions that are always technically and functionally up-to-date, coordinated with the development cycles of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. A concept that pays for itself: Today, more than 2,600 medium-sized customers rely on CKL Software – the European leader in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central environment.


GSL Fiduciaire offers a range of services, including accounting and bookkeeping. Their social secretariat handles all your HR needs, ensuring smooth and efficient operations. They provide expert tax advice to help you navigate the complexities of taxation. If you're considering starting a company, GSL Fiduciaire's team can assist with company formation and management. They also offer company domiciliation services for your convenience.

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Finance Apps for Business Central

Simplifies the tax compliance processes and ensure accuracy.

A paperless solution designed for Fiduciaries and Accounting firms.

Optimizes the creation of payments from customers and vendors with a simplified User Interface.

Organizes your manual invoice processing from start to finish.

Solution that automates employee expense tracking.

Industry Apps

Solution that automates processes and generates detailed reports for many industries.

Security and Compliance

Checks are carried out directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on the contact, on the customer, on the vendor and much more

The Obfuscation app enables you to protect sensitive data in your sandboxes while maintaining usability for testing and development purposes. Personal, confidential and regulated data remains anonymous but your consultants and developers can perform realistic tests.

Using an ERP software can be overwhelming. Many customers struggle with the right setups and getting started. Our Data Management app allows us to remotely manage your setup data so you can get up and running fast.