Localization for Luxembourg

Fisqal® Localization for Luxembourg


As a business operating in Luxembourg, maintaining Luxembourg VAT compliance regulations is crucial. Fisqal® Localization for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the solution that can simplify your tax compliance processes and ensure accuracy. Continue reading to discover more about the VAT in Luxembourg and how Fisqal® Localization can benefit your business.

Benefits of Fisqal® Localization

Luxembourg Setup

The application is shipped with a pre-defined standard chart of accounts for Luxembourg (PCN 2020). It’s available in English, French and German. Moreover, it contains a pre-defined accounting setup that enables to use Business Central including some financial reports immediately.

Tax reporting: annual accounts, VAT and EU Sales list

The eCDF module allows to generate a PDF or XML file for different types of reports required by the Luxembourg government. These reports include annual accounts (balance sheet, profit and loss, …), VAT reporting (monthly, quarterly and yearly) and the EU sales list (“état récapitulatif”).
Every company based in Luxembourg subject to a value-added tax declaration must submit such reports in electronic format exclusively through the eCDF system. The file can be issued in English, French or German directly from within Business Central.

Tax audit file: FAIA

Every company based in Luxembourg must provide the SAF-T FAIA tax audit file upon request by the tax authorities. The FAIA file for Luxembourg is an tax audit file that facilitates the analysis of company data for the Luxembourg tax authorities. It requires additional specific fields and formats.

This particular Luxembourg standard file is used for exporting financial accounting and statistical data during value-added tax audits. As a result, this standard tax audit file must not only include general ledger entries but also all other tax-relevant information. 

Statec (Intrastat)

Any Luxembourg-based business involved in intra-European trade of goods must deliver relevant statistical information and report it to the STATEC portal. The Intrastat data can be exported as a PDF or an Excel (XML) file and subsequently uploaded onto the STATEC declaration platform.

Absence Management

The absence management module allows you to manage your employees holidays, sick leaves and other types of absences. It’s also possible to print draft work contracts and other administrative documents. The module also addresses the specific needs for remote work monitoring in the cross-border working constellation.

Try it now

Don’t take the risk of non-compliance with Luxembourg’s tax regulations. Acquire Fisqal® Localization for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central today to simplify your tax compliance processes. Contact us now to learn more about this powerful solution and take the first step towards ensuring your business’s tax compliance.

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