Microsoft brings the power of AI to cyber defence with Security Copilot

Microsoft brings the power of AI to cyber defence with Security Copilot

Microsoft has announced the launch of Security CoPilot, a cybersecurity tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to strengthen defences against cyber attacks. The tool aims to improve the security of businesses and organizations by identifying potential threats and providing security recommendations to their IT security teams.


Security CoPilot combines the threat detection capabilities of Microsoft Defender with advanced AI algorithms to quickly identify potential threats. The tool analyses security data in real time to detect attacks and suspicious behaviour from users, devices and networks. It also uses machine learning models to detect emerging threats and sophisticated attacks.


By providing security recommendations, Security CoPilot helps IT security teams respond quickly to threats and implement appropriate protective measures. The recommendations are based on a thorough analysis of security data and are presented as to-do lists to enhance security.


One of the benefits of Security CoPilot is that it enables IT security teams to collaborate more effectively by centralising security information in a single platform. Teams can access detailed threat information and security recommendations from a single dashboard, making it easier to communicate and coordinate security activities.


Security CoPilot is available to businesses and organizations that use Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). This unified security solution provides protection against advanced threats, malware attacks and data breaches. By integrating Security CoPilot with Microsoft Defender ATP, organisations can strengthen their defence against cyber attacks and improve their overall security.