Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

The new features of Dynamics 365 Business Central explained by its director 


Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) being even better placed now than ever before, allows more bandwidth and new goals such as:

-          Microsoft Teams integration,

-          Process automation,

-          Power Platform Integration,

-          Global expansion, …

Mike Morton and his new role at Microsoft with overall responsibility for SMB (Small and Middle Businesses) business applications:

Morton wants to follow the lead of Charles Lamanna, Microsoft's director of enterprise applications and platforms, which is to align product development with the buyers in each segment. He had to adapt to some differences with SMB. Usually in the corporate world, the people who choose customer engagement are often very different from those who manage the supply chain. Whereas for SMBs usually it's the same people or the same group of leaders who buy these things.

So instead of trying to reorganize Business Central in some way, he explains that they will create an SMB space and of course BC will be the centerpiece of this strategy.

To complete this project, the director had to rethink his management approach. Indeed, he noticed that, for enterprise software customers, the priority is the need for stability and predictability rather than the speed of innovation.

A positive future perspective:

Regarding partners, many of them have supported the migration of Business Central from their previous solutions whether it was GP, NAV or other solutions.

Morton said the number of migrations from legacy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems is in line with the company's expectations, and the number of new customers has far exceeded targets. In 30 days alone, more than 550 unique organizations have used the Business Central cloud migration tool. This is a clear indication of the effort’s partners are making with their customers.

He confided that Business Central's online customer growth is over 60%, year over year.