Microsoft Power Automate Process Mining and next-generation AI

Microsoft Power Automate Process Mining and next-generation AI

Microsoft recently unveiled Power Automate Process Mining and next-generation AI at the Microsoft Inspire 2023 conference. Since August 1, 2023, Power Automate Process Mining has been available, bringing a significant transformation to how businesses manage their internal processes. This solution, enriched with advanced AI, enables companies to optimize their operations, reduce costs, and identify new opportunities.


The significance of process mining: a detailed view of processes and continuous improvement

Process mining, introduced in November 2022, plays a central role. It provides a detailed view of processes, helping organizations detect bottlenecks and make continuous improvements. Pre-built templates make it easy to generate valuable insights from core systems such as SAP and cloud flows, including Power Automate, Power Apps, Power Virtual Agents, Azure, and others. Users can visually capture their processes, analyze them end-to-end with AI-driven root cause analysis, and access hierarchical views with interactive zooms. Key performance indicators and filtering options help identify inefficiencies and automation opportunities.


Tariff adjustments for enhanced flexibility

Regarding pricing, Microsoft has made changes to better meet customer needs. They can now obtain "Power Automate Premium" at $15 per user per month, which includes unlimited cloud flows and unlimited desktop flows, along with permissions for Power Automate Process Mining. Additionally, a new "Power Automate Process" license allows customers to access an automation "bot" for unsupervised organization-wide processes. For those looking to fully leverage Power Automate Process Mining, an "add-on" is available for additional capacity at a price of $5,000 per tenant per month, offering 100GB of process mining data storage.


Renaming of licenses and access to trial version

Microsoft has also renamed the "Power Apps per user" license to "Power Apps Premium." For those interested in exploring these new features, a trial version of Power Automate is available, accompanied by a tutorial for easy onboarding.


Stay informed and engage at the Microsoft Power Platform conference

Users interested in these updates and other news from the Microsoft Power Platform are invited to register for the annual Microsoft Power Platform conference in October 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Microsoft also emphasizes its commitment to responsible AI, highlighting principles such as fairness, reliability, privacy, inclusivity, transparency, and accountability to guide responsible AI use.