Intunes Suite : new microsoft app that helps simplify securtiy information


Microsoft has launched the Microsoft Intune suite, which brings together advanced endpoint management and security solutions in a single offering.

The suite integrates Microsoft Security as well as Microsoft 365, it uses special technology to predict and prevent problems before they happen. This new software makes sure that devices, softwares, apps are working well and are safe from viruses.

The new suite will simplify the device management experience for customers, improve their security posture and deliver exceptional user experiences.

In a recent survey, two-thirds of respondents said they use more than 10 tools to manage and protect their digital assets. As a result, organisations are facing higher management costs, increased attack surfaces and higher licensing costs. The Intune suite aims to reduce this complexity and overhead by consolidating and automating IT and security operations workflows.

The suite offers several key features that will reduce attack vectors, simplify IT and security operations, and reduce management and support costs:

  • Remote Help : This feature allows IT support teams to remotely troubleshoot a user’s desktop and mobile devices using the user’s existing corporate identity. It is already available for Windows users and will also come to Android and Mac endpoints in future releases.
  • Endpoint Privilege Management : This feature will allow controlled elevation of standard Windows users so that security controls do not impede productivity. It will be previewed in March 2023 and available in April 2023.
  • Advanced Endpoint Analysis : This feature provides data-driven insights to help IT administrators understand, anticipate, and improve the user experience for the enterprise workforce.
  • Microsoft Tunnel for Mobile App Management : This is a micro-VPN that connects corporate resources from personal iOS/iPadOS and Android devices, so employees can access corporate resources from their personal mobile devices when duty calls.
  • Specialised device management : This feature allows employees to choose the device they need to do their job, without these devices becoming points of vulnerability.
  • Advanced Application Management : This feature provides a catalogue of enterprise applications and controls to facilitate automatic application discovery, deployment and updating to mitigate the risks introduced by outdated applications. It will be added to the Intune suite after its launch in March 2023.

1. Improve security and reduce attack vectors

Ensuring the security of corporate endpoints is critical to protecting data and avoiding attacks. However, surveys show that many organisations still lack visibility and control over a quarter or more of their endpoints. To improve security, organisations need to better manage endpoint patching and privileges. Security professionals also recommend better integration of products to reduce vulnerabilities and the risk of attacks. By using a single security vendor, companies can gather data in one place, making it easier to assess and manage potential risks. By taking these steps to strengthen enterprise endpoint security, organisations can better protect their data and users from cyber threats.

2. Simplify endpoint management

Today’s businesses are faced with increasing complexity in their IT environment due to the use of smartphones, remote working and security. However, rather than simplifying existing solutions, more and more solutions are being added, creating additional attack surfaces. The Intune suite can help simplify endpoint management and consolidate security vendors, reducing risk and licensing costs while saving time and mental strain. By using a unified management console, workflows are simplified and IT and security operations are made easier. Microsoft is also considered a leader in the evaluation of unified endpoint management platforms due to its extensive visibility and automation opportunities.

3. Enabling cost savings

Microsoft’s Intune suite can help businesses in 2023 in several ways:

– Reducing the costs of negotiating and managing separate contracts with multiple vendors, as well as the costs of training on different tools.

– Reducing the cost of security breaches and IT support, by reducing the number of inbound calls and speeding up problem resolution.

The example of the Belgian National Railway Company (SNCB) shows that using Microsoft Intune can help optimise the IT budget by providing a complete security solution while reducing the number of suppliers to coordinate with. By integrating RGPD compliance into Microsoft solutions and the Microsoft licensing model, SNCB has been able to focus more resources on the passenger experience rather than on IT expenses.In summary, Microsoft Intune Suite is an essential offering for organisations looking to simplify endpoint management, reduce costs and improve their security posture in today’s changing threat landscape.

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