A fresh approach to sustainability with Dynamics 365 Business Central


Sustainability is not just a trendy term; it’s a pressing global concern that demands immediate attention from all sectors, including businesses. As environmental regulations and expectations evolve, organizations require effective tools to measure and mitigate their impact on the planet. Dynamics 365 Business Central is rising to this challenge with its upcoming 2024 release wave 1, introducing new sustainability features to facilitate compliance with standards, drive positive changes, and streamline environmental reporting.

Dynamics 365 Business Central’s emission tracking framework

Dynamics 365 Business Central’s sustainability features
The cornerstone of Dynamics 365 Business Central’s sustainability initiative lies in its capability to track and report greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across three defined scopes. This functionality, delivered through sustainability journals and built-in calculation methods, provides organizations with a robust framework for overseeing and regulating their environmental footprint.

Chart of sustainability accounts
Central to this framework is the chart of sustainability accounts, serving as a structured list for recording all emissions’ data. Similar to a traditional chart of accounts, this feature categorizes and organizes emissions based on attributes like scope. Users can customize this chart by adding account categories and subcategories to tailor the system to their specific tracking needs.

Efficient tracking with sustainability journals
Complementing the chart of sustainability accounts are sustainability journals, designed to track and record sustainability-related activities within an organization. Users can input emissions manually or utilize built-in formulas for accurate calculations. Entries made in sustainability journals are recorded in the sustainability ledger for easy reference and analysis.

Organizing data with sustainability entries
The sustainability ledger organizes all emission data according to the chart of sustainability accounts. When users post sustainability journals, crucial data is recorded within sustainability entries. This data can be regulated by specific rules configured in the sustainability setup, ensuring consistency and accuracy in reporting.

Future development and expansion
Microsoft is committed to enhancing these features by adding more capabilities and improving integration with other Business Central features. This development will be guided by research, compliance with regulatory requirements, and feedback from partners. ISV (Independent Software Vendor) partners are also expected to leverage this framework to create industry-specific sustainability solutions.


With the introduction of sustainability features in Dynamics 365 Business Central’s 2024 release wave 1, organizations now have powerful tools at their disposal to measure, manage, and mitigate their environmental impact. By tracking GHG emissions and providing a comprehensive framework for recording sustainability data, Business Central is empowering businesses to meet regulatory requirements and drive positive change for the environment. As Microsoft continues to invest in sustainability, we can anticipate further enhancements and industry-specific solutions to support organizations on their sustainability journey.

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