Microsoft expands Copilot for Microsoft 365 to businesses of all sizes


Microsoft has announced a major expansion of its generative AI product, Copilot for Microsoft 365, making it available to businesses of all sizes, including small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The company also introduced a new Copilot Pro subscription for individuals and removed the seat minimum for Copilot for Microsoft 365 commercial plans.

What is Copilot?

Copilot for Microsoft 365 is an AI-powered tool that helps users write more efficiently and effectively by suggesting text, code, and other content as they type. The tool is integrated with Microsoft 365 applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams, and it can access data from the Microsoft Graph to provide personalized suggestions.

In addition to the expansion to SMBs, Microsoft also announced the following changes to Copilot for Microsoft 365:

  • A new Copilot Pro subscription for individuals: Copilot Pro provides priority access to the latest models, enhanced AI image creation, and the ability to build custom copilots. It is priced at $20 per individual per month.
  • No seat minimum for Copilot for Microsoft 365 commercial plans: This means that businesses of any size can now purchase Copilot for Microsoft 365.
  • Semantic Index for Copilot for Office 365: This new feature extends Semantic Index for Copilot to Office 365 users with a paid Copilot license. Semantic Index works with the Copilot System and the Microsoft Graph to create a sophisticated map of all the data and content in your organization, enabling Microsoft 365 Copilot to deliver personalized, relevant, and actionable responses.

Microsoft is also empowering partners to help every customer become AI-powered by making Copilot for Microsoft 365 available through its network of Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partners. This means that CSPs can now sell Copilot for Microsoft 365 to their customers, providing them with a trusted advisor to help them get the most out of the product.

Microsoft’s expansion of Copilot for Microsoft 365 is a significant step forward in democratizing access to generative AI. The company is making it possible for businesses of all sizes to use this powerful technology to improve their productivity and efficiency.

Here are some of the benefits that businesses can expect from using Copilot for Microsoft 365:

  • Increased productivity: Copilot can help users write faster, more accurately, and more creatively.
  • Improved decision-making: Copilot can help users access and analyze data more efficiently, which can lead to better decision-making.
  • Enhanced customer service: Copilot can help businesses create more personalized and engaging customer experiences.

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